Monday, 28 September 2009

today. tomorrow. tourists @ GIVERNY...

Sneak peek from the studio!
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Thursday, 17 September 2009



Mona Braathen-Robert


Mona Braathen-Robert : Emmanuel Besnard, jardinnier &
Xavier Marié, ingénieur paysagiste.



The Norwegian painter
Mona Braathen-Robert,
settled in Tosny, near Giverny in Normandy, participates in the
Garden Festival
of Chaumont-sur-Loire
until October 18th, 2009.
Since 1992, this
Garden Festival constitutes
a amazing panorama of the state of
the art of the landscape creation in the world.

MONA is the wife of the architect Philippe Robert of the agency
Reichen et Robert,
which is the creator of the
Museum of American Art Giverny
In the garden of this museum works Emmanuel Besnard, the true Elf of the garden! One of my pupils is MIREILLE LE BAIL, Madam Elf of the garden, and it is thus thanks to her that I know all the secrets of gardens in GIVERNY... THANK YOU my sunshine !

was inspired by her paintings to create
a garden consisting only of flowers, a "garden painting".
She explains that in the Chinese language, a single word,
hoa, indicates the act of painting and
the one of drawing the limits of a field
and that,
according to her, the creation of
a painting and that of a garden proceed of the same logic.

She so wished to create a contemplative garden,
similar to the gardens of Zen temples,
which will evolve according to
the periodic replacement of flowers
will offer several compositions on the same subject
making of this work a real palimpsest, pictorial and landscaped.


un compatriote !

L'artiste peintre norvégienne
Mona Braathen-Robert,
installée à Tosny, près de Giverny en Normandie, participe au
Festival International des Jardins,
jusqu'au 18 octobre 2009.
Depuis 1992, le Festival des jardins constitue
un panorama étonnant de
l’état de la création paysagère dans le monde.

MONA est la femme de l'architechte Philippe ROBERT
de l’agence Reichen et Robert, qui est
le créateur du Musée d’Art Américain à Giverny
Dans le jardin
de ce musée travaille Emmanuel Besnard, un véritable Elfe des jardins ! Une de mes élèves est MIREILLE LE BAIL, Madame Elfe des jardins, et c'est donc grâce à elle que je connais tout ces secrets des jardins à GIVERNY ... MERCI ma soleil !

s’est inspirée de ses peintures pour créer
un jardin
composé uniquement de fleurs, un « jardin tableau ».
Elle explique que dans la langue chinoise, un seul mot, hoa,
désigne l’acte de peindre et
celui de tracer les limites d’un champ et que, selon elle, la création d’un tableau et
celle d’un jardin procèdent de la même logique.

Elle a ainsi souhaité créer un jardin contemplatif,

comme le sont les jardins des temples Zen,

qui évoluera au gré du remplacement périodique des fleurs et

offrira plusieurs compositions sur un même thème,

faisant de ce travail un véritable palimpseste pictural et paysager.


Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire
Festival international des jardins
Jardins de couleur
> 18 octobre 2009 |
Billetterie ouverte de 9h45 à 19h00
Téléphone : + 33 (0)2 54 20 99 22

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

la rentrée des élèves !

:: :: :: COURS :: :: ::

'KARIANNE - l'heure normande'
vous souhaite la BIENVENUE !

au choix :


ENFANTS 6-15 ans
jeudi :: 17-18h30
vendredi :: 17-18h30
samedi :: 10-11h30

STAGES 3 J pendant les

Lundi :: 14-16h
mardi :: 10-12h
jeudi :: 20-22h
vendredi :: 20-22h
samedi :: 14-16h

STAGES 3 J à la demande !

15 €/ 1 heure

:: :: ::

... n'hésitez plus,


Monday, 7 September 2009

HAPPY studio karius de parius

I P P I !

! 1 year | 1 an !

Mmmmm, I had one of those good times!

After noon tea, but instead of tea, I proposed the more Norman APPLE cider!
Le verger de Giverny is in the neighborhood, and I love it!

Everything was nice and ready!
I had prepared 1 APPLE cake, 1 carrot cake with the guardian bunny of my little Maja and
one of those fluffy Norwegian 'bl
øtekake' with
the strawberry jam of my Branka Mother in law and

sugared lavender candies on top. This little decoration tree is always in my studio!D

I also asked the local bakery to convoy me those lovely French 'macaroons' !

...café, vanilla, blueberry & chocolate.
The roses came from my sweetest sister in law. BISOUS Affi!

The kids had candy's and balloons à la gogo! C'était là fête !

Thank you for those of you who shared this moment with me!

Catherine & Nico, 'Les Caloquets d'Elle' - CHAPEAUX !
... toujours là pour l'art et la création - enchanté !

Catherine is a local modist, she makes these lovely textile creations,
she even joined me @ the etsy meeting in Paris,

I can't wait to see her etsy shop! (even in French Cathy!D)

Anic: the MASTER of salty cakes!
...pear, walnut, Gruyère cheese and blue cheese.

She also spend two days with me in the studio before the vacations.
I can't wait to see her MASTER work finish in some weeks.

Yvonne is the 'PRINCESS' of FOURGES, she grew up in The Castle!
When the Germans came invading their house,
she scared the s*** out of them : spooky!D

Today she lives with PLENTY of cats around here (50). She's the co-funder of this cat-foundation,
L'ecole de chats, and a local heroine. She still biked around when I arrived some few years ago!

She even survived when her house went up in fire!
Sacre cœur !

Thx also to the Duvivier family,
3 kiddy's and always such sweeties!

Nicole even brought with her a treasure,
one of those e-PINGLEs : the human canon man!

No I can't wait to go back in business to prepare for
exhibitions to come and
also to freshen up my etsy shop!
See you soon!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

HAPPY visit @ my place!!!


Artiste photographe. Autodidacte.

Travail sur le temps et le vide physique, mental et social.

Photo Artist : Autodidact


>>> connected!

Today we share

perspectives together!

Offent it's those meetings of fate which keeps us going forward... :


...not fare well, but FARE FORWARD, VOYAGERs.
(T.S. Eliot)

you can find his univers @ this place

(can't wait to see your blog GilliGilli!) :


prunusdetweed, Rouen :

a very talented interior architect in the capital of Normandy,

she's also promoting other artists in her studio boutique:

Friday, 4 September 2009

il est l'heure...


:: C'est la rentrée ! ::
:: And off we go again! ::

1 ans déjà, ça MARCHE !
HAPPY studio : 1 year!

réINauguRATION de l'atelier !

pour réarroser tout ça...:
à partir de 16 heures
| from 16 P.M.

...boggi woggi time...

29 rue du Commerce
F 27 630 FOURGES