Monday, 7 September 2009

HAPPY studio karius de parius

I P P I !

! 1 year | 1 an !

Mmmmm, I had one of those good times!

After noon tea, but instead of tea, I proposed the more Norman APPLE cider!
Le verger de Giverny is in the neighborhood, and I love it!

Everything was nice and ready!
I had prepared 1 APPLE cake, 1 carrot cake with the guardian bunny of my little Maja and
one of those fluffy Norwegian 'bl
øtekake' with
the strawberry jam of my Branka Mother in law and

sugared lavender candies on top. This little decoration tree is always in my studio!D

I also asked the local bakery to convoy me those lovely French 'macaroons' !

...café, vanilla, blueberry & chocolate.
The roses came from my sweetest sister in law. BISOUS Affi!

The kids had candy's and balloons à la gogo! C'était là fête !

Thank you for those of you who shared this moment with me!

Catherine & Nico, 'Les Caloquets d'Elle' - CHAPEAUX !
... toujours là pour l'art et la création - enchanté !

Catherine is a local modist, she makes these lovely textile creations,
she even joined me @ the etsy meeting in Paris,

I can't wait to see her etsy shop! (even in French Cathy!D)

Anic: the MASTER of salty cakes!
...pear, walnut, Gruyère cheese and blue cheese.

She also spend two days with me in the studio before the vacations.
I can't wait to see her MASTER work finish in some weeks.

Yvonne is the 'PRINCESS' of FOURGES, she grew up in The Castle!
When the Germans came invading their house,
she scared the s*** out of them : spooky!D

Today she lives with PLENTY of cats around here (50). She's the co-funder of this cat-foundation,
L'ecole de chats, and a local heroine. She still biked around when I arrived some few years ago!

She even survived when her house went up in fire!
Sacre cœur !

Thx also to the Duvivier family,
3 kiddy's and always such sweeties!

Nicole even brought with her a treasure,
one of those e-PINGLEs : the human canon man!

No I can't wait to go back in business to prepare for
exhibitions to come and
also to freshen up my etsy shop!
See you soon!