Thursday, 7 January 2010


HAPPY 2010!
I LOVE this one!!!
photo : Paul Octavious : Flickr

... because since last posting I discovered UPPERCASE
I'm so HAPPY to see all those creative spheres out there!!!

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I MUST also TELL YOU I just discovered
she did it, so funky nice & clean -

 Her work reflects 
my image of Sophies hair in my TELLusVISION#1 series
a detail from this on is to find in my 

I'll soon offer prints too...

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My 2010 will be...
- TELLusVISION development:

- A new web-site > new connections :

the old one is so dull & messy & french only !°P (

- A new series of paintings > fare forward voyager... :  

- New prints

I might even manage to do my real for-seen TELLusVISION#2 : POSTillion d'Amour happening !D

All of this will offer new items in my etsy shop
and assurance for my studio's future!

My 2010 in a nutshell...
[personally I prefer seashell ;D   ]
"The river is within us, the sea is all about us." T.S. ELiot
HAPPY days to come in 2010!